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JUNE 4, 2013

By now many know that the TriSports store in Tempe has closed its doors for business. is still running and will continue to provide quality products and services to athletes everywhere. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the folks at TriSports for their wonderful hospitality and support during our Tuesday meetings. They also went beyond their exceptional customer service and made PTC members feel like part of their family. 

June 4th meeting


Meet & greet 6:30 meeting start at 7PM to 8ish. We are meeting at the Design Center  of our great sponsor,  ONSITE Design at 1769 W. University Dr. Suite 177 Tempe, AZ 85281.


Tight Muscles?  Body Tension?  Learn how to work out the kinks in a safe and effective way.

Bring your foam roller to the meeting!!!!!!!


Our guest speaker is Sonia Kang, PMA®-CPT Owner of Weon Keyong (One Kee- ong) Health Center, A Pilates Studio. 



10 Things that Every Triathlete Should Know


 1. How to use Eccentric motion vs. Concentric motion for conditioning.

 2. How to Active Intrinsic Muscles vs. Extrinsic Muscles.

 3. How to Properly Use a Foam Roller for Fascia Release.

 4. How to Active the deepest Abdominal Muscle, the TA Transverse Abdomens

 5. How to Develop the small muscles to support the dominant muscles.

 6.  Why is Spinal Mobility Important?

 7. How to Increase Mobility and Suppleness in Hip and knee joints?

 8.  Develop Strength of the Feet

 9.  The role of the Pelvic Muscles

 10. The key to Balance is not Strong Abs but pelvic stability.

Do you have plantar fascists, a dominant side of the body, issues with your knee or engage in prolonged vigorous exercise?



Sonia has been a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) since 2003. It is the international not for profit professional association for the Pilates method. The PMA's mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals. Sonia is also a member of the Arizona Pilates Alliance which organized in 2007. Sonia has expanded her fitness training through memberships with IDEA Fitness conference, PMA conference, Balanced Body Rehab Summit and several workshops given by well-known teachers in the Pilates industry. She is BOSU certified, a licensed Fletcher towel work provider, and CPR certified. 


Sonia served as a Faculty Associate in the School of Community Resources and Development and the College of Human Services at Arizona State University from 2004 to 2009. She has taught Fitness Fundamentals, Core and Agility training, Introduction to Nutrition, Pilates and Yoga. Sonia left her teaching position at ASU to open the Weon Keyong (One Kee-ong) Health Center (A Pilates studio focusing on Group Fitness, Core Conditioning and Well-Being) and to have the flexibility to raise her young toddler.  Most recently, she started a trade magazine called the "Pilates Advocate" available on iTunes newsstand.


PTC race jerseys
Bring your $60 bucks to the meeting!


Please send Andy an email- with your order. Please include sizing and quantity. If you are still unsure of the sizing, please talk with Andy. 


  Sponsor News

N3L Optics

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 Store at the Chandler Fashion Center, located at:

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Phone: 480-855-1709

Store Manager: Joey McMorris



Oakley New Releases coming mid-October!!!

Oakley new release on sport performance and active lifestyle sunglasses will occur in mid-October. Some hot performance styles to look out for: Women’s Radarlock Edge and Unisex Radarlock XL Straight.  Also, 5 new sunglasses from Oakley Women’s Perform Beautifully line. Active lifestyle styles to look out for: Men’s Garage Rock and Big Taco.


N3L Optics Sunglass Gearu Tips for CYCLING

Suggested Sunglasses: Smith Pivlock V2 & V2 Max, Oakley Half Jacket 2.0, Oakley Radarlock Path/Pitch, Oakley Radarlock Edge (New!) and Spy Screw

-          SECURE FIT. If sunglasses do not fit properly, they can’t protect properly. Many sunglasses have rubberized grip points that allow them to stay in place during cycling.

-          IMPACT RESISTANCE. Consider the safety features you may need. Many sunglass materials, such as polycarbonate, are designed to address specific safety concerns such as protecting during impact, shielding from flying debris and improving visibility.

-          HYDROPHOBIC LENSES: An invisible coating easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust.


Visit Joey McMorris, N3L Optics Store Manager & Gearu, at the Chandler Fashion Center to find the right sunglass for YOU. Joey is passionate about sports and is committed to helping athletes find the right eyewear to help them excel and stay focused on the prize.


Phoenix Triathlon Club member was a victim of a hit and run accident.

Shayna Elizabeth


Saturday, June 30th Phoenix Triathlon Club member Shayna Elizabeth (Weitzman) was hit and run while on the Around South Mountain training ride with a small group of friends. Suddenly, a female driver made a left hand turn right in front of Shayna who was traveling between 22-24mph through an intersection with the right-of-way.

Shayna suffered a collapsed lung, separated shoulder, 3 fractures in her pelvis, a broken leg, two broken arms and torn ligaments on her non-broken leg. She was transported by helicopter to St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

Now Shayna is facing another surgery...this one on her knee (of the non-broken leg) to repair three torn tendons and a lengthy recovery ahead. With no medical insurance, this single mom could use our help - in praying for her recovery, in providing rides to OT/PT, in delivering healthy meals for recovery, and with financial help from the generous cycling and triathlon communities in Arizona.

The woman who hit Shayna kept on driving, leaving her in the road. She not only left the scene of the crash, but attempted to hide the car behind some bushes in the desert and lit it on fire in an attempt to conceal evidence.

The Gila River Police at the scene of the accident noticed the fire and were able to determine that it was the car that caused the crash. Notifying the owner of the vehicle, the presumed driver was observed to be under the influence but denied being involved in the incident.

This is a complicated case with respect to insurance, criminal and civil proceedings and Shayna does not have medical insurance. Not One More is currently working with Shayna and friends to help arrange support in terms of healthcare coverage, pending meal and ride support and critical financial assistance.


Please consider donating:
1. Online (http:
2. At the August Phoenix Triathlon Club Meeting on 8/7
3. At any Chase Bank (Not One More Cyclist Foundation)

100% of donations benefit injured cyclists such as Shayna and maybe tax deductible. Not One More Foundation is a 501-c6 non-profit organization.
NOTE: Shayna is the current benefactor of donations.


Not One More is a foundation-With Outreach as a key initiative, Not One More strives to be a resource for cyclists who have been involved in vehicle-bike accidents. Please go on-line and find out more information on the great work they do.

 Shanya is one of the Phoenix Triathlon Club Family members and local community athlete. Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.


Shayna, our thoughts are with you !

Shayna’s injuries are extensive and recovery will take a considerable amount of time. Shayna needs our help!

For those who were not at the IMAZ this year, we had a DJ named Wendy Rockett at the control of all music. She was there around 2:30 to 11pm. Also something you don't know even if you were there was she did it all free. Speakers and all. She is the owner and operator of Rockett Events, Entertainment and Promotions. IF you ever need or hear of anyone who needs a DJ, please give her a call. She did a great job and did a fantasic job on the mic too. Her email is





       Framin'Works - Best of the Valley 2011 
          by Phoenix Magazine.





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