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    The Phoenix Triathlon Club Supported Team is made up of club members who have been club members 12 months, consistently place well in races, provide leadership within the club, wear club apparel, use PTC sponsor products and are viewed as ambassadors of the club and of the sport. Supported team members are selected each year through an application process.

    Supported team details and team member biographies can be found below.

    Phoenix Triathlon Club
    2045 E. Cathedral Rock Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85048
    Bob Martin - President"

    Andy Gates - Activities Director"

    Tiffany Gates- Treasurer & Clothing/Merchandise  Director

     Brian Kochert - Past Presidents & Active Advisors

    PTC Board of Directors


    Bob Martin: President

    I have been a member of PTC for the past seven years. When I first joined the club, I found a group of people that were eager to be part of my personal triathlon experience. They were part of helping each member achieve their individual goals, whatever they were, first sprint, Olympic, or Ironman races. And before I realized, I had developed a group of what I have considered, extended family.

    This became very clear to me after I moved to California for several years. I would see club members racing at events in California and it was like I was still in Phoenix. I then developed a sister triathlon club, grown in the image of PTC and spread the values, along with the spirit of PTC, as the President of that club.

    Fate and desire brought me back to Phoenix and to PTC. I am humbled and honored to represent PTC as President. My background includes racing triathlon events for the past 17 years. I have at least 15 Escape from Alcatraz swims and races, Wildflower, Vineman, countless sprints, Olympic distances, and all six Ironman Arizona races.

    My goals are; to maximize the value our members get in return for their dues and exceed the expectations our sponsors have for their investment in our club. I will focus on growing membership and ensuring each member enjoys the PTC experience. Our best advertising and marketing tools are all of us, as ambassadors of this great organization. I will do my best to promote the core values of this club and I ask each of you to join me and continue in that mission. No matter what we do, we must, Swim-Bike-Run-And Have FUN!

    Andy Gates: Vice President

    I joined the Phoenix Triathlon Club back in 2007 after I did my first relay sprint triathlon.  I came from a swimming background in high school and college. I remember the energy that the sport brought.  Since then, I have done several sprint/Olympic distance races, two half Ironman races (Oceanside and Wildflower) and one full Ironman race (Arizona 2009). 

    Tiffany and I joined PTC in 2007 due to the visibility and support it provided athletes in the community.  It has been quite the progression of going from a sprint distance to a full Ironman.  We are grateful to the guidance that our club has provided me and others.
    I look forward to serving as the Activities Director coordinating monthly run/rides and swims.  Most of all, I look forward to giving back to the sport what it gave me as a new club member. Feel free to email me with any other  ideas or suggestions you may wish to see on the club calendar.  We will see you out there!


    Tiffany Gates: Treasurer & Clothing/Merchandise Director

    Born and raised in Tempe Arizona, I entered the sport of triathlon non-traditionally.  I was first involved in being a Fitness Competitor for several years, traveling the nation competing in fitness challenge and figure competitions. (This was a huge accomplishment after dropping 20 lbs that I gained in Graduate school).
    It wasn’t until 2007 when my husband was part of a relay triathlon placing first.  This was the true sport of individual endurance and perseverance. Andy and I trained and completed our first triathlon together….we were hooked.  A good friend encouraged us to attend the PTC meeting, we never looked back and here we are.
    I remember my first group ride, not sure of what to expect and could I keep up? It was a no drop ride and it was 3 hours of fun followed by bagels and coffee.  Now it is a privilege to be a ride or run lead being involved and supporting the PTC team.
    To date, I have completed several sprint and Olympic distance races, two half Ironman races (Oceanside and Wildflower), and two full Ironman races (Arizona 2008 & 2009).  I am currently training for Ironman Austria July 2011 with Andy and a few fellow PTC members. This sport has made what may seem impossible to some, possible to triathletes of every distance.
    When not training, I am a Healthcare Administration/ Business Development Manager, Nurse and Children’s Author of medically illustrated topics. 


    1. Team members are expected to wear PTC apparel and sponsor related equipment during PTC training events and during all races. This includes, but is not limited to, PTC clothing, eyewear, helmets, running shoes, hydration packs, among others.
    2. Team members are expected to consistently update the Supported Team coordinator with a race schedule and with race results as they occur. This is to be done on a proactive basis by the team member.
    3. Team members are expected to race in as many of the “PTC Club Races” as possible during the year. These races are chosen by the PTC board and will be posted on the PTC web site in January of each year. The “PTC Club Races” are also eligible for the race reimbursement program.
    4. There are 3-4 races each year that are required races for thePTC Supported Team. These races are chosen by the PTC board and will be posted on the PTC web site in January of each year.
    5. Team members are expected to attend each monthly club meeting held in metro Phoenix.
    6. Team members are expected to lead at least one monthly training event.
    7. Team members are expected to attend at least two monthly training events.
    8. Team members are expected to contribute at least one race story that will be placed on the PTC website.

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    Jenifer Garner: Supported Team 

    My name is Jenifer Garner and I got started in triathlon in July of 2004.  I jumped right in as my goal was to complete I
    ronman Arizona 2005.  I finished that race and have been hooked ever since.  To date, I’ve competed in over 45 triathlons including 9 Ironmans.  My 10th and 11th Ironman races will be in 2011 at Ironman Coeur d’Alene and Ironman Canada.My affiliation with PTC began in 2006 via the Tri-kids program.  My daughter Greer was actually the first of our family to become a PTC member.  My husband and I joined the club in 2007. I also enjoy volunteering, along with my family, at various triathlon and triathlon related events.  We especially enjoy helping out at the stop on the Tour de Cookie race in TucsonThis year I will work to get the kids program at PTC back up and running.  I think it is a great opportunity to expose our children to the sport that we are participating in.  

    I am honored to have been selected as a supported team member for 2011 I appreciate the friendships I’ve made over the past few years and I look forward to the new friendships that will be developed during the course of the year as I meet more new and existing members of the PTC family.


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